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When you work as a carpenter, mechanic, construction worker, or commercial fisherman, you need to pay special attention to what you wear to work. You need clothing that not only fits you perfectly but is also made to stand the rough and tough nature of your job. So, why not spend on premium quality work wear that provides reliable protection and won’t fall apart after a couple of weeks of work? Thinking about workwear, names like Walls, Carhartt, and Dickies come to mind. You may have your preference but we believe you can never go wrong with Carhartt’s workwear! They are highly functional and stand the test of durability. 

In case you find yourself confused while buying workwear, we are here to help. Just go through the following points. We have covered everything that you should consider while purchasing work clothing. Let’s indulge!


Work clothes are undoubtedly built extra-rugged to last but they are designed keeping your comfort in mind as well. They may require a tad more break-in time unlike standard clothing as the materials used are durable. Cotton duck is quite popular as workwear fabric. The term “duck” comes from “doek”, a Dutch word referring to a linen canvas that was used to manufacture sailor’s outerwear and trousers. Denim is another widely used workwear material. Needless to mention, it is even quite popular in non-work settings. With technological advances, synthetic fabrics like nylon have also entered the work clothing section. If you browse Carhartt’s workwear, you will find an “extreme” line of coveralls made from thick and highly durable nylon (Cordura). These coveralls come with a polyurethane coating that blocks water and wind. 


Clothing designed for rough and tough work doesn’t really have many bells and whistles but features enhancing functionality are surely there. Unlike standard zippers, heavy-duty zippers adorn workwear as they hold up longer under demanding conditions. Built-in weather protection is another important feature. It doesn’t let rain and snow get to you while working. Some work clothing are even made of flame-resistant fabrics providing protection from sparks, fire and possible burns from hot surfaces, for example Carhartt’s workwear


Outerwear is probably the most important when it comes to a job of a demanding nature. A good work jacket provides protection from the elements and job hazards. Look for weather-resistant fabrics and rugged construction. Work bibs are also a must-have piece of clothing for tough jobs. Look for utility pockets and double knees. Let’s not forget work pants. They are usually made of denim or canvas duck and come with reinforcements like triple stitching and rivets. 

You can trust Carhartt when it comes to work clothing. Quality, durability and variety all in one brand! Shop for Carhartt’s workwear at our website.