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home-1When our Grandfather, Donato, emigrated from Italy in 1926, he opened his shoe repair business on West 7th Ave. Our father, Vince Sr., began working at the store the following year when he arrived in the U.S. In the 1940’s, our dad took over the business when his father became ill. After our parents were married in 1950, our mom, Teresa, began working at the store too.

It was 1953 when our father moved the store to 119 Fayette St and began selling shoes. With three kids and one on the way, our parents sold their home to buy the property at 119 Fayette St and moved the family into the apartment upstairs.

In 1957, our father and uncle, Fred, opened an Army Navy store at 125 Fayette St. In 1965, the shoe store expanded to 121 Fayette St and to include men’s and boy’s clothes. The store moved to its present location in 1970.

The 70’s were hard years for Conshohocken. Lee Tires and Alan Wood Steel along with many other industries went out of business and thousands of jobs were lost. Instead of moving out of town, our dad expanded the business and stuck it out through the tough times. He loved Conshohocken and had no intention of leaving. He ran the business until his death in 1986.

We’ve all grown up working here at the store and we too feel the love and pride our father had for our business and for Conshohocken. We continue to live and work in this community and think our father would be proud of what this town has