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People say that they don’t judge a book by their covers, but most also give your shoes a quick, fleeting look to get a sneak-peek into your personality! Thus, it goes without saying that having a pair of classic, stylish shoes is a necessity, especially if you want to leave an impeccable impression wherever you go. 

You can never go wrong with dress shoes because they go amazingly well with wardrobe staples such as shirts, blazers, chinos, trousers…the list goes on. Moreover, they immediately lend a classy flair to your look. 

If you don’t have dress shoes, we suggest that you add a pair to your shopping cart right away. Need some help before you zero in on the dress shoes for you? Here are tips that will help you to make the right choice: 

Put on pairs during trials 

Never go shoe shopping in a hurry. To land the perfect shoes that offer premium comfort, try on both shoes, and gauge how each of them feels. It is very possible that one foot might be slightly bigger than the other so you might want to try out shoes from different manufacturers to know which suits you and fits best. Also, bear in mind that the right pair will fit snugly around your midfoot and heel, with enough room for your toes to do a little wriggle! 

Pay attention to the fabric 

While you can never go wrong with classic leather dress shoes that’s stitched to perfection, such as brown and black Bostonian men’s shoes, oxfords and brogues, bear in mind the climate as well. Non-leather shoes might be the way to go during the wet season. 

Lace all the way 

Business meetings and formal occasions demand that you wear shoes with laces for a more professional look. A classic choice for such events would be the black Bostonian men’s Derby shoes. The same goes for black-tie affairs. You can ease up on the laces and switch to slip on for casual, relaxed settings. 

Scrutinize the leather finishing 

Always buy leather shoes from a trusted manufacturer as poor quality ones can affect your posture and leave you with painful heels. Check the workmanship because this holds the key to how long the pair will actually last. Then give the shoes you like a quick inspection. Do the size of the eyelets match? Is the toe fabric resilient enough? Does the leather allow your feet to breathe? Is the inner padding soft and stitched well? Consider these questions before making a purchase. 

These are just a few tips that will help you to choose a pair that ticks all the boxes of wearability, quality, durability, and elegance! Looking for the men’s shoes that will make you the talk of the town? Explore our collection today!